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Community Management System

The Community Management solution lets community organizations such as community centres and worship places collect biodetails of all their members and keep a track of the members.

You can analyse the different typesof data collected to make better informed policies governing community membership.

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Document Management System

The document management system allows organizations to securely store and share documents online.

Decide who can access your documents and even restrict access to geographical areas of your choice.

Choose a drive size that suits your organization's needs and start securely storing and sharing your documents online.

Manage your documents by storing, indexing, searching and retrieving them online!!

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Lodge Management System

Manage your lodge's or small hotel's day-to-day operations using our Lodge Management Solution.

Manage the bookings, house-keeping, purchases, contracts, etc online from this solution.

Integrated to booking suites online for real-time online booking management.

Also easily integrate the booking page to your website for better booking management.

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School Management System

This solution manages the day-to-day operations of small and medium primary and secondary schools.

From student registration to exam results, the solution manages the life cycle of a student in your school.

Can be integrated to your website, to email for parent-teacher communications and to Whatsapp for communications.

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