Community Management System

The Community Management solution lets community organizations such as community centres and worship places collect biodetails of all their members and keep a track of the members.

You can analyse the different typesof data collected to make better informed policies governing community membership.


Pricing Guide

Pricing Guide For The Community Management System.


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CMS Features

We are committed to delivering the best of features below in our systems.

Secure Login

Secure login. Complex Passwords are system generated and emailed to users. Admins cannot access user passwords.

Statistical Details

Collect details on education level, profession, marital status and health status.

School Details

Collect details on schooling for school going children.

Google Maps Integration

Locate residences and work places accurately on Google's online maps.

Member Details

Collect family name, member name and type. System auto generates family and member IDs based on configured settings.

Citizenship Details

Collect details on citizenship, ID card and passport numbers.

Work Details

Collect workplace details and self-employment details for members.

Biological Details

Collect Members' date of birth, blood group, gender. For married ladies collect maiden names. 

Contact Details

Collect phone numbers and email addresses of members.


Complete set of analytical reports showing all the parameters collected against each member.